Pathways To Independence


Pathways to Independence provides an integrated package of services to separated children, from point of arrival in the UK through their transition to independence.

We aim to assist young people make the transition into independent living in the UK, and to make positive choices about their lives; in particular: independent living, education, training and work opportunities.

We will assist young people in overcoming any barriers they may face by offering information, advice, advocacy and support and by brokering access to services that they may need.

Our vision is for an integrated service where young people can access a range of information, obtain specialist support and take advantage of other facilities provided according to needs.

We hope this will become a replicable model of good practice for all relevant agencies and individuals involved in the care of separated young people, and for other young people, who may also feel outside of their community, and feel separated, for whatever reason.


AID the integration, inclusion and settlement of separated children
ASSIST their transition into mainstream activities and services
COMBAT the negative aspects of social exclusion for separated children
PROMOTE the positive aspects of their personal and cultural identity
The aim is to encourage dynamic and effective integration into the community and confidence to stay within that community: assisting young people to become welcome and valued members of the community, full and equal participants in society, accessing mainstream services without disadvantage.



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