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I arrived in Cambridge in 2005 aged 22. A quaint city with eccentrics and a transient mix of students and travellers like me. Having lived here for five years now I make this book.

Some people stand out and become part of the collective memory of a place. Often the most interesting Characters haven’t set out to gain recognition, instead their notoriety was something to be found by the people who see them or hear their stories. In time they become the identity and the culture of the place and make it unique and special.

“Do you know any Characters in Cambridge?”

I surveyed the local community then spent 8 months tracing the Characters and photographing them with a large format camera.

“If you could ask him/her any question what would it be?”

With my stack of photos and a Dictaphone I surveyed the local community once more to collect questions to be used to interview the Characters.

This book is a collection of my photographs of the Cambridge Characters isolated in their idiosyncratic poses, with transcriptions of the interviews I conducted.

100x80 cm prints of these pictures were displayed in my first solo exhibition with the recordings of questions and answers as audio.

This time-capsule of Cambridge today forms the beginning of my intention to capture the essence of different cities around the world in an anthropological fashion. I aim to materialize the local impression of each place, tracing the characters that are so important to the identity of a city and photographing them in popular locations.

Andi Pandi States the following condition in exchange for the display of his image:

Extract from model release….”On condition that all published work displays the statement that ”buying Japanese goods provides the Japanese government with money to kill dolphins and whales”

Watch the whole preview of the book here…

listen to 1 out of 25 questions from each interview here…

Each book donates 1 pound to charity


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