Global Correspondence


A correspondence project is being initiated in the UK and seeks to go global with your help. Volunteers around the world are needed to put up an advert in various locations and places where people may spot it, such as a lamp post or bus stop. The advert will ask a passer-by to form a dialogue with me which will last for one year. The evolving correspondence will entail a sense of trust, curiosity and explore connectivity from the local to the global. You will be part of a mass global project which will make the concept of connectivity a more physically travelled and anticipated past time other than succumbing to electronic formats. If you or anyone you know in another country that might be interested in collaborating and putting this advert out please email me on I will then send you the advert and you can put it onto a lamp post, a bus stop, in a shop window, in a telephone booth, on the side of a delivery truck, on an A Board, in a newspaper or a billboard or anywhere else you deem suitable. You just need to post me a photo of it up in your chosen location. I look forward to hearing from you. Diana Ali.


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