Artists, writers and thinkers from opposite parts of the world translate and exchange the verbal into the visual, the local to the global in an exploration of collaborative postcard collecting and interchanging. The transmission and retrieval of these responses will create the emergence of new narratives that will be shared and reacted upon through hybrid texts, images and temporary ownership. The authors will be a global network of artists.


  • The participants are asked to write down a quote on a blank postcard.
  • This postcard is then passed onto someone in a different country who interprets the quote visually on the same postcard.
  • The original quote is then taken off and the postcard, with only the image on, and is sent elsewhere to another participant.
  • This participant is then asked to give the image a title hence the subversion, transition and authorship is passed on.
  • Eventually all postcards will be sent to the original place of distribution and collected as a mass piece of collaborative work.

This project will explore language and visual interchange and transmission from one person to another and our interpretations of gift giving and receiving it as it is passed on globally. Eventually all correspondence will be recorded on the objects (postcards) which would have been battered, manipulated, over-written but simultaneously will carry your mutual physical handlings of thoughts and creativity.


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