Tent Of Nations - Festival 2006


At 3,000 feet above sea level near Bethlehem, on one of the few remaining heights under Palestinian ownership, a remarkable grass roots organisation welcomes the world to its doors. Tent of Nations (www.tentofnations.org) under the inspired leadership of the Nassar family provides many opportunities for young Palestinians to experience the shrinking availability of the rural landscape and to learn about their heritage and the world at large. In 2006 a group of us, mainly all involved with Charnwood Arts in Loughborough, ran a week long children's arts festival and a play in a week project to create a promenade performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The website link below also includes gallery images of a visit to the UK by Dabka dancers from the Lajee Centre from Ayda Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, images of the the camp and Bethlehem itself and from the play in a week project at Tent of Nations.

Header photo: Nashash Bus Stop - An Israeli roadblock prevents direct access to Bethlehem



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